We work to make it better

We select the best food for your confidence by grouping considering that it will be consumed within a certain period of time, and send it to your home or work addres periodically. We save you the trouble of searching for the right product, moving it home, or even worrying what to buy. You eat the products with confidence and pleasure, we continue to work. You spend your time for books, movies, and chattinh with friends, and we will work further with the belief of creating time for our book, movie and chatting with friends soon.


Who are we?

We are consumers like you.
We give what we want. We are one of those who believe that our beautiful intention is to be achieved through the beauty and love.
If we can provide you with a healthier life and more time by researching, choosing and gathering the best foods and delivering them to you, it will be firstly our commercial goal, secondly we will consider ourselves successful. And nature will be in confidence as well.



We have selected the best, the natives, natural foods. We beleive every product must be grown or produced organically, but we know that having the organic certificate doesn't mean that the product is better ever. So we choose the product if it is better and sertificated. Then we choose the products if they are better by taste and it is healthty as nutrition facts, and grown or produced in acogical clean way, but not certificated. We know that many farmers are keeping away from the chemicals and do no need to certificate their products as organic.





Let's bring your monthly food.




* Oliomart.com is an organization that offers ready-made food baskets service in Italy, Russia, England, Denmark, America and Germany as well as Yiyeceksepetim.com in Turkey.